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Our clinic provides a holistic approach to care through offering a variety of treatment modalities.

Registered Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy works directly with soft tissues to decrease inflammation and increase circulation to reduce your pain and discomfort. It also helps to prevent the occurrence of injury by maintaining proper tissue mobility and joint range of motion.

Regular Massage Therapy treatments, used in conjunction with other healthcare modalities and included as part of a healthy lifestyle, helps to create a holistic approach to your health, enabling you to increase the quality of life you experience.

Graston Technique


Graston Technique falls under the scope of "instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization". This means it is a form of therapy that uses specialized stainless steel instruments in order to achieve results. These instruments help your practitioner to assess and treat tissue that is causing you pain, and to treat and mobilize chronically tight tissues, scar tissue, tendons and fascia.

The instruments themselves have two main purposes: to help "break down" abnormal densities in tissue (ex: scar tissue) and to re-initiate first-stage healing in the body. When we sustain an injury, the body sends healing substances via the blood stream to help healing, and connective tissue cells help to lay down new collagen to build scar tissue which then acts as a band aid to help repair the injured tissue. However, after time and without proper rehabilitation and treatment, this can build up and lead to decreased motion, flexibility and pain. The therapy of Graston acts as a mild injury to the tissue, which allows the healing process to start over again, allowing for proper healing, decreased pain, and increased range of motion.  

Wellness Massage *

*Not currently available for booking

Wellness Massages will surpass your expectations of what a typical relaxation massage encompasses as our skilled practitioners have received over 2000 hours of massage therapy training and provide professional, effective services.


During this non-RMT massage, Swedish massage techniques are utilized to provide a transformative experience that is relaxing while also promoting overall well-being. Wellness Massage can include full-body or more focused care on specific body areas.

Mobile Massage Therapy *


*Not currently available for booking due to COVID-19 policies

Mobile Massage Therapy is an opportunity for those with limited mobility to incorporate massage in their healthcare planning. Our Registered Massage Therapists will come to you in order to alleviate the stressors of accessing public care.

Massage Therapy techniques can be used in the treatment of neuromuscular conditions, such as MS, Parkinson’s or stroke-related symptoms, chronic pain syndromes, such as fibromyalgia, as well as many other soft tissue injuries. These same techniques can also be applied for relaxation treatments.

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