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We are pleased to offer the following health & wellness classes to our community.

Please contact us for more information, including upcoming dates, times, & registration info.*

Gentle Yoga for Strength & Mobility

This yoga series focuses on gently strengthening the body while building solid foundation of stability & functional mobility. Each week we will move through therapeutic poses to reduce stress and to increase flexibility & muscle tone. The sequence, a combination of subtle movements & breathwork, will help you to release deeply held tension from the back, neck, shoulders and hips, and aid you in increasing all-over strength and range of motion. You will leave this course with knowledge of movements & breathing techniques to support a healthy body & mind! A great class for those who enjoy a slower pace, beginners, or those with health concerns or injuries. No previous yoga experience necessary!

Facilitated by Absolute's Sarah Caspick (Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner).

Wednesdays, January 22nd - February 26th, 2020.  10:45am-12:15pm (75 mins)​

$100/6 week session (pre-registration required)

Yoga to Rest & Destress

Are you tired? Stressed out? This 75-minute practice offers you the chance to stop & slow down, and to truly unwind from the busy-ness of life. Each class will begin with gentle therapeutic postures & breathing exercises aimed at calming the mind, and opening and releasing tight muscles, fascia and tendons. Next, there will be a sweet transition into fully supported restorative postures using lots of props in order to soothe your nervous system. The class will close with a short yoga nidra practice - a restful meditation that promotes relaxation & healthy sleep. This series is ideal for anyone experiencing stress and/or difficulty sleeping. No previous Yoga experience is required. All ages and abilities are welcome!


Facilitated by Absolute's Sarah Caspick (Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner).

Next Class: Mondays, January 20th - March 2nd, 2020. From 6:15pm-7pm (75 mins)

$100/6 week session (pre-registration required)

What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Complimentary Information Session

  • Have you seen yoga offered here at the clinic but you’re unsure of what it’s all about or how it can benefit you?

  • Are you recovering from an injury or currently living with a physical or mental health condition that you are hoping to manage and/or rehabilitate?

  • Have you been interested in the practice of yoga and meditation but don’t know how to start?  Are you looking to build strength, improve mobility, and/or reduce stress in a safe & healthy way?


I'm Sarah, a 500hr-trained Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga. If you answered yes to any of the above questions or are just curious about what yoga can do for you, I invite you to join me for a complimentary evening information session! I will discuss the many benefits of yoga for your mind and body, bust common yoga myths & misconceptions (you DON’T need to be flexible!), and lead you through a short, gentle, demonstrative movement practice to close the evening (if you’d like to participate, dress comfortably!). I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have!


Drop-ins welcome!

Spinal Health & Core Conditioning

This class utilizes all parts of the core to facilitate optimal spine health. It is perfect for anyone wanting to improve core function and fitness, prevent back and other spine related injuries, maintain core and back fitness, and improve their spinal stability.  This class can be adapted to your ability.

Facilitated by Absolute's Natalie Hawthorne, Certified Athletic Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist


$50/ 4 week session 

Postural Exercise and Rehab Class

This class consists of corrective exercises and stretches designed to promote the best possible posture from head to toe. Exercises are catered to each individual's specific posture types. As a result this class will help you improve your posture and body mechanics, strengthen postural muscles, improve your overall mobility and decrease pain associated with dysfunctional postures.

Facilitated by Absolute's Natalie Hawthorne, Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist


$50/ 4 week session (pre-registration required)

Osteo-Fitness: Weight Training for Osteoporosis

This one-hour class utilizes weight bearing exercise, combined with light weight training to improve and maintain your bone density and fitness level. Whether you currently have osteoporosis or osteopenia, or are simply wanting to maintain your health and wellness, this class is ideal for you. Key focuses in this class include overall body strengthening, and improving balance/proprioception, joint range of motion and mobility.

Facilitated by Absolute's Natalie Hawthorne, Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist

$50/ 4 week session OR come 2 days per week for $75/ 8 class, 4-week session. (pre-registration required.)

*Reminder - exchanges or refunds will not be offered after you have booked a class

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